App Cleaner for your Mac

image Mac's popularity is rising because numerous number of people are leaving  Windows to the simplistic way, Apple. Many are used to the add/remove program's feature in Windows but in Mac, to uninstall, you simply drag it to the trash. In some ways, I find that it is not enough. Especially on Ant-Viruses and other deep level apps. Lucky,there is an awesome application remover called appcleaner. This application removes all scattered files pertaining to that specific application. Good luck and enjoy it; the Apple way.

Steps to troubleshoot an ipod

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Apple has grown a lot over the years. Their major success that started their popularity was the  ipod. Today's post, is just that, we will focus on how  to fix your ipod. We will provide a list of things you may try. If nothing works, Apple will be the solution.

Before going down the check list make sure that your device still has battery and if it is in any physical damage and want to fix it yourself. There is a great resource at

  1. If there is a glitch in the system first try restarting it.
  2. If the restart does not work, try doing a hard boot by holding down a combination of buttons.  Here is a link on how to do a hard boot on your type of ipod.
  3. If a hard boot does not work, try plugging into itunes.
  4. If that fails, to try restoring you ipod to back up. (Hopefully you have a back up right?)
  5. If all of the above fails, you have no choice really but to take into Apple.

Here is another link from apple that might help resolve your problem.

Use DropBox to Sync files

Do you use multiple computers and want to keep your files Synced? Maybe use a flash Drive to carry them around? Use DropBox. You don't need to carry those files around. DropBox is a web based syncing service. It syncs to one DropBox folder on each computer. You have 2GB free and if you need more you may pay to get more storage. Usually 2GB is enough. Have any questions let me know. Click here to install.

How to Consolidate itunes

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As we gather more and more music in itunes things may get out of hand. I bet many of you have seen a little arrow to the left of your song like this:

What does this mean? Well, it means itunes can not locate the song you are trying to play. There is one way to prevent this, to Consolidate your library. This allows itunes to store all your music in one spot. Instead of having some in My documents, some in My Music and just spread out.  To do this in Windows Go to File->Library->Organize Library... You will see a windows pop out like this:

Click the check box and click OK. itunes will gather all your songs into one place. You won't have that  exclamation issue again but remember every time you add a song repeat the processes again. This tip works for Windows but if you know how to do it in the Mac post below. Thanks!

Start Applications and Open Files Faster with Launchy

Whether working with the keyboard alone is much efficient than using a mouse is debatable, there are applications such as Launchy that push the debate in favor of working solo with the keyboard. Launchy is similar to Mac OS X's  Spotlight, and more configurable than the search feature within the Windows Start button.

As you can see, the level of customization is deep. I think the most powerful feature is you can have different folders be searched for a specific type of file. For example, in most people's case, a great amount of different files get placed in the Documents folder, when only the ones that are accessed are Microsoft Word files! So instead of spending 20 seconds looking for a specific file, simply configure Launchy to your taste!

In the MS Word case, add the Documents directory and specify that only Word documents should be indexed. To do this, you would simply type in "*.docx" without the quotations where "docx" is the Word file type. In my case, I work with programming files, word files, pdf, etc. The variety is considerable, so I just have Launchy search and index all the various files but only within that folder. Placing such a simple restriction has a huge influence on how efficient Launchy will be at finding the desired file. By default, Launchy will index your applications, but you can always take it a step further! Questions, comments are always welcomed.

Use Your Ipod as a Flash Drive

Though flash memory has become cheaper over the last couple of years, the capacity in USB drives is still relatively small. On the other hand, Apple has done a fantastic job by increasing  their storage capacity in their Ipod music players without forcing you to carry a brick in your pocket. What if you combine both? You actually can! An Ipod and virtually any portable music player can be used as a huge flash drive that is easy to carry around. To do this, simply plug the device and it will behave like a flash drive!  In this example, the Ipod gets assigned drive letter D; below,  you can see a simple file transfer. Simple? Yes!

Turn off Ping in itunes

If you have received itunes recent update, 10.0.1 , you know about ping or have seen it. So you know what I am talking about. From the first day I disliked it. It was very intrusive and I did not have a use for it.  I used other tools for sharing music that I like. Here is how to get rid of ping itunes.

  1. Click on ping on the left hand side

2. Go and click on your email in the upper right hand corner of itunes.

3. You should get a prompt to enter your password. Do that.

4. Go and click "Turn Off" it will disable most of the features of ping.

If you followed these steps correctly. Ping should not clutter your itunes and it will only visible on left hand side under "Store".

NEW Itouch Is Out!!!

This new modernized Itouch that Apple has come out with is amazing. They have added two HD Cameras, one on the front, and one on the back side. With this feature, you can now Facetime on the Ipod. Facetime is a new way to hang out or goof off with friends on your Itouch. This is like if you are web chatting with someone but just on your Itouch. They have also added a Game Center to the Itouch. This Game Center allows you to hook up with other players and play against them. So hurry and order your new Itouch here.

Apple Update Time!!!

Apple has just released its new update for the Apple itouch and iphone. The new update is called Apple iOS 4.1. This new update fixes the mistakes it had in the previous update, but in addition to that, it comes with a Game Center and an itunes TV show rentals. Also, It includes the same updates as in iOS 4, but now, with these new add-ons. For all you ipad users, Apple is trying to have an update for the ipad. This update will offer wireless printing, stronger security, a game center, and more.

What is iTunes Ping?

Ping is a built-in feature that Apple has included in their brand new iTunes 10. Ping lets you follow your favorite artist and friends. It shows you what they are talking about, what they are listing to, and downloading. So go ahead and download the new iTunes 10 so you can ping to your favorite artists and friends.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Apple announcement tomorrow with new products

Apple has announced that they will be an announcing new products tomorrow, September 1, 2010 at 10:00am Pacific, at there press event. It will be the first time they stream live but only on Apple products.

Apple® will broadcast its September 1 event online using Apple’s industry-leading HTTP Live Streaming, which is based on open standards. Viewing requires either a Mac® running Safari® on Mac OS® X version 10.6 Snow Leopard®, an iPhone® or iPod touch® running iOS 3.0 or higher, or an iPad™. The live broadcast will begin at 10:00 a.m. PDT on September 1, 2010 at

Some rumors include:

  • New ipod touch's and new touch nanos and maybe discontinuing ipod classic.
  • iTunes may be improved with a new GUI and maybe integration with social media like Facebook and Twitter.
  • The iPhone 3 might get a software upgrading to fix some speed problems with IO's 4.
  • The apple TV might turn into a stream device instead of having a hard drive running itunes.


Tether your cell to your computer

For a while now I have been tethering my Android phone to my computer using PDANet. I have heard other people talk about tethering using PDANet too. PDANet is software that lets you use your cell phone's  internet and use it on your computer. It works on many platforms. Some are Android, iphone, BlackBerry, Windows mobile, and many more. This usually works most of the time. It really depends on your carrier and phone. If you need help connecting your Android phone let me know. Good Luck!

Copy music from your ipod or iphone to pc

Has your computer crashed? Was your only copy of music on the computer?  It happens to the best of us but you forgot one thing. There is a copy of your music on the ipod or iphone(if you use one). You can use a piece of free software called Sharepod. This software allows you to first connect your ipod to the computer and then press copy to pc button to start. It is that easy. If you fall into this problem try it today on your pc.

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Create a free account on itunes

We all (basically) have ipods, ipads, itouches and have been forced to create a itunes account to download music, tv shows, and apps.  Now, I just found out that apple has allowed you to create a free account since in the past you were forced to enter a form of payment.  If you feel more secure of  apple not having your credit card then, switch to a free account, by opting out.

Get a Free iPhone 4 Bumper!!!

Have you heard that Apple is offering free bumpers for the iPhone 4? If you haven't, well you have now.  The steps you need to do in order to apply to receive a free bumper or case are as follows. First,  is to download the app, then run it, and sign in to your itunes account. Then just choose your case color and you are done . That's how easy it is, keep in mind that this is a $29.99 product that will not last long. This might be your only chance to receive a free iPhone 4 case or bumper, so come and check this out.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Free apple bumpers for any iphone 4 users

Many critics may say" Apples action to give away free iphone case shows guilt and acknowledgment  that the iphone does have antenna issues! Therefore, Apple will give away to any owner of a iphone 4 a free "bumper" case. You may order it online here or walk into a store and get it free.  I have trouble understanding why a recall is not in place but if your on Apples side, you may think this is a good move to give free cases. Well, might as well get your free case and not blame hold Apple responsible.


Cell Phone bars don't mean anything?

Who wants the new iphone? I don't, not with the iphone dropping calls like crazy.  There has been many complaints on how it is built. It looks like Mr. Jobs, Apple's CEO,  decided to put the antenna on the outside where OUR hands go. It covers the antenna. Today's tech tip is not to put a plastic band around your iphone but just to clear up that the bars on your cell phone do not matter! Many people have a  notion that more bars the stronger the signal. That is false! You either have a signal or you don't. Why do we have bars?  The companies have used that  as advertising like the picture above. Our phones receive digital signals not analog like in the old days.  So next time, it doesn't matter if you have bars. It matters that you get a signal. Can you hear me know?

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Don't get targeted ads in iOS4

Apple recently released iOS4 and  a brand new updated  TOS (Terms of service). I believe it was like 46 pages long! Apple decided to give your Geo data to Apples advertisers.  What does this mean? Well, It means that based on your activity on the iOS4 you will get targeted ads. Luckily, apple lets you opt out. If you are on iOS4 and go to Here you will be able to opt out.

Use a flash drive to login into your computer.

Ever wanted to use your own flash drive to log into your computer so you wouldn't have to type in your information every time. Well there is a way. You can do this by checking out this software. Rohos has built a windows and a mac version of this software. You will benefit from this easy and secure way to log in your computer.

Difficulty Level: Easy