How to Consolidate itunes

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As we gather more and more music in itunes things may get out of hand. I bet many of you have seen a little arrow to the left of your song like this:

What does this mean? Well, it means itunes can not locate the song you are trying to play. There is one way to prevent this, to Consolidate your library. This allows itunes to store all your music in one spot. Instead of having some in My documents, some in My Music and just spread out.  To do this in Windows Go to File->Library->Organize Library... You will see a windows pop out like this:

Click the check box and click OK. itunes will gather all your songs into one place. You won't have that  exclamation issue again but remember every time you add a song repeat the processes again. This tip works for Windows but if you know how to do it in the Mac post below. Thanks!