Yoytube scaming people?

Just today, I was in my Chrome browser when I decided to see some videos on YouTube. I started to type in the URL when I accidentally misspelled Youtube and typed in yoytube.com. This was clearly not my intention. This it what showed up: At first, I thought it was the real Youtube.com, but when I saw I had an opportunity to win a Macbook, Iphone or, Ipad.  I suddenly stepped back and thought to myself, "Apple and Google together? That;s not right".  Then I saw the URL and saw it was not Youtube.com. I had been redirected to another site.  Well, you may ask,  how can I prevent it? That is a very good question. First thing is, you are the person who needs to be responsible to see if you have been directed to the correct destination.  Always glance at the URL bar in your browser. Second, do not use your browser to search or go to websites. Type them into Google or bookmark them within your browser. If you have any tips let us know. Thank you!


Thanks to Michael for part of the tip.