Make a fake Computer Virus

Window's users, know that you must have an Anti-Virus installed to protect you from Malware. But  have you ever seen your Anti-Virus pop-up and warn you that you are infected? If not, why not test it? No, I do not mean you should go out there and find Malware to purposely infect your computer. Test it with a fake Virus. NOTE* This is for fun purposes only and no, it is not a real virus. This is used to actually test Anti-Virus Software.

Create an empty ".txt" file.

  1. Right click on your desktop >New> Text document


Start > Accessories > Notepad

2.  Paste this code in the text file


    3. Save it and you should get a pop up from your ant-Virus to do a clean up.

      That's it.   I tried this using Microsoft Security Essentials. It worked!  Below are some screenshots.

      Again this will not harm your computer.  Test at your own risk.


      Thanks to EICAR.