How to Uninstall the U3 Software from your Flash Drive

Have you bought a flash drive of certain amount and found out it being over by some software? This has happened to me so many times. Its annoying especially how sometimes, when you plug it in, it installs itself on your computer without any notice. I have found out that the most common software on flash drives is called U3. How do I remove it?!? Below are simple steps to uninstall it. First, try to format your drive. Go to My Computer > Right click on the flash drive > Click Format > Quick Format. Make sure you do not have any data on the drive!

If that does not work, try launching the software on it  and go to settings and maybe look for a uninstall button.

If  all fails try visiting the company's website. If you have the U3 software you can download, Launchpad Removal, a program to uninstall the program on your flash drive. Sounds counter intuitive but U3 provides such a thing.

Good luck!

I you have anymore suggestions post them below.  Thanks.