How to change your FB relationship status without everyone knowing about it!

Graph Of When People Break Up On Facebook

Your on Facebook and  have gone through a tough sad break up. You know that if you change your relationship status you will get some of the dumbest comments hurting you even more.   Ok ok ... changing your relationship status does not always mean you are doing it to break up with someone. I know people who do not want to grab attention when they are engaged or even married.   The point is that you DON'T want the world to know that you changed your relationship  status.  Here is how to do it...

If you are using Facebook's timeline

1.) Start on your Facebook Timeline.



2.) Click Update Info



3.) Go to your Family Section



4.) Click on the Edit button. Then Select "Only Me"



5.) Make sure you hit save before changing your status!



6.) Now change your status.



Graph by [BUZZFEED]