Want a simple temporary email address?

Many of us have gone to those sites where they make us create an account and make us enter our email address because they want to send us confirmation. Well, i would like to introduce you to Disposeamail.com. Disposeamail is a website where it allows you to create an email address on the fly. This is how it works. Lets say I'm creating an account  and it asks me for my email. I can just type in a email address like

[email protected]

and finish creating the account. Then later, i can go to disposeamail.com and search up "testemail_anything" and see what i have received at that email address. That simple.


  • I would not use this service for sensitive material such as bank account, social profiles that you want to keep.
  • I would only use this service with accounts that i do not care about.
  • Any person can view your email just by searching up the email you created.
  • If you create an email to raise some sort of privacy i would make the email address long, add numbers, and  add underscore.

Use at your own risk. Here is there FAQ.

Difficulty level: beginner

Snapshot by[Juan Zepeda]