Use an RSS Feed to Buy a Car

I will not deny that many people still pick up the classic Trader Express to buy a used car.  Why not step it up to the 21 Century and use an RSS feed to keep up-to-date on the latest car post? This way you will have the latest and greatest at your fingertips. Before we start, I would like to thank my supervisor for the great idea of having a RSS feed in Outlook to find the car I want. First, you will need a RSS reader.   Some are Outlook, a desktop mail client that supports RSS, or Goggle Reader, a free web app provided by Google, or any other RSS reader.

Second, setup a specific search on Craigslist or a site that lets you grab a search RSS.

Third, when you find the RSS Button right-click on it and copy the link address.


Lastly, paste that into your reader and wait for your desired car to come in. :-)