Turn Your Mac Into a Wi-Fi Adapter for Your Xbox 360

Halo: ReachThis one goes out to all you Mac and Xbox 360 users. Every Friday or Saturday, friends and I would hold our usual LAN parties. It would mostly consist of Warcraft III, Starcraft II, and some D&D every once in a while. But this past Friday (4/30), an extra special game was added to the list. How special? Halo: Reach special.

I was able to get a "Friends & Family" beta key so I took my 360 to the LAN party and started getting it set up. Everything was ready to go except for one problem, there was no network cable available that was long enough to connect the 360 to the router. Luckily, I had my MacBook Pro with me and used that as a Wi-Fi adapter for the 360. At my house, my router is too far for any network cable to reach my 360 so I've been using my MBP for a while now. After the jump, check out the video that I used to connect my 360 and possibly a quick impression on Reach.

Difficulty level: Easy

The only requirements for is a Mac, Xbox 360, and the network cable that came with the 360. If for whatever reason you don't have it, any Cat5 cable should work.


I have tried this personally and confirm that it works. This is only for Macs but there are other videos and guides for PC owners. The process should be similar. If you know a video or guide for PCs and have tried it yourself, drop a link in the comments.


As far as Halo: Reach is concerned, it is the best Halo game that I have ever played. (Disclaimer: I never played ODST.) I've only played for a couple of days but those days have been very entertaining. The biggest additions are the Armor Abilities and Loadouts. The Amor Abilities addition expands the equipment from Halo 3 for some variety and action. There's the Jetpack, Active Camo, Armor Lock, Sprint, and Evade. Loadouts are combinations of Armor Abilities and equipment. You can choose before in the pre-game lobby but also when you're about to spawn. So whenever you get tired or a certain ability or loadout, you can choose something else when you die and spawn. Visually, it's a great improvement over Halo 3. The Assault Rifle in Reach used more polygons than a whole marine in Halo 3. Overall, it's been a lot of fun and cannot wait for the retail version in the fall.

Check out Bungie's beta guide to check out all that Reach has to offer. And remember, the beta opens up to ODST owners in the late morning tomorrow. Enjoy.