The More G's the Better ?


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The past few months i am sure you have heard a lot about how wireless cellular data 4G is the successor to 3G. Today, I would like to advise my not so savy tech people as well as the tech people against 4G despite the growing market for 4G.

For starters, when you acquire a 4G phone you must have 4G service from which you cannot opt out of. This would not be a problem if only wireless companies did not charge at the minimum $10 extra for the 4G service.

Subsequently, 4G is not everywhere, yet. Although I have had a few friends contemplate purchasing a 4G phone; unfortunately, the area we currently reside only provides up to 3G!!! Sure there are places where 4G is probably great but in most places at this present it is sporadic.

In addition, what are you paying for? Faster downloads? Better service? Well, for the most part you are paying for an increase in download speed but not necessarily for better service. Another important question to ask as well is, do you need the faster download speed? Do you use your cellphone as your modem or as  a replacement computer? If not, maybe an extra G may not be as great, especially if you have to shell out an extra $10. You may say it is only an extra $10 but have you seen the changing of price on your phone bill?

Hopefully within the next year or so, consumers would not have to pay extra for the service as it becomes widespread and the standard for all cellular purposes.