In the Market for a New Computer? (Laptop vs Desktop)

Black Friday is coming up soon and people start looking into buying a new computer. The first question generally is do you want a laptop or desktop? This question is quite common. Below I will point out a few things that really make up the minds of users.


The key thing for a laptop is the portability. If you are the traveling person hands down your choice is a laptop. The weight of a laptop has gone down and the standard sizes for laptops are 10', 11',13', 15' and 17'.

The price on laptops can go for as cheap as $300 for a net book which has a 10'-11' screen and is great for carrying around everywhere. Laptops from $400-$1,000 are usually good for a normal sized load. That can include your browser, doing Word, and other similar applications.  Laptops from $1,000 and up are usually loaded on the side of performance. They can handle memory hog programs like CAD, Photoshop, etc. but are not ideal.

A key last point that  make up the minds of users is battery life. Laptops are portable but are only useful when they are on. Additional batteries can be bought but they add weight to the overall laptop. Battery that have 9 cells have a longer battery life than 6 cell batteries. I have seen the duration of a laptop batteries from 2 hours to 8 hours. This all depends on each computer. In this case, research is needed on each laptop.


The life span of desktop is greater than a laptop because it does not take the beating and are more customizable. Desktops are popular with gamers because they can interchange graphics cards and overclock the CPU. The price of cheap laptop from $400-$700 are usually equal to laptops who are between$800-$1,200.  A desktop, which is stationary, are great for big memory hog programs because its cheaper to upgrade/buy that extra RAM.

A downsize to  a desktop is that a monitor, mouse, and keyboard need to be considered if not owned. Also, space and long-term airflow are necessary for a good life span of a desktop.


In the above, I generalized statements based on experiences and trends that I have seen to help the average user. If there are still question please comment below. :_)


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Get Your Laptop Back With Prey

Did you know that every week in Unites States airports more than 12,000 laptops are lost. That is an outstanding number. Could you be the next person to lose your laptop or even get it stolen? Why not prevent it now . There is a free open source software program that can be installed to track the thief or location.  This software is called Prey. It's very simple.  First, install the software on your PC, Mac or even Linux machine. Then, go ahead and log into your online account at to make sure that you have successfully added your device.  Below are links two links:

1.)An introductory video on how to install and what features are available to recover your device.

Prey Project introduction Video

2.) Prey's frequently asked questions.

Prey FAQ

Clean Your Laptop Battery to Make it More Efficent

Have you ever heard of cleaning your laptop battery to make it last longer? I never have. The only thing I have done, is take out the battery and clean the dust around it. But there is a way to really clean it, to make your battery more efficient.  In order to do this, take out the battery and find the metal contacts. Grab rubbing alcohol and use a swab to clean the metal contacts.  It's that simple. Make sure you do this every month and also allow it to dry before re-inserting. PicBy[jadijadi]

A great week with a bad time zone

I am part of an organization called SHPE (The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers) where I attended a conference, NILA 201 0 (National Institute for Leadership Advancement). I had a great week at the conference but also had some very weird experiences. Todays tip will be on time zones, you will see what to do when you travel. To some, it might be common sense but lets say I learned my lesson. I will start from the very beginning where I picked up a friend Wednesday morning.

On Wednesday, I arrived to pick up my friend and was waiting a few minutes in the car. Then, I decided to get out and stretch my legs. I got out and to my surprise a skunk appeared right in front of me. I was toast. My week ahead of me flashed in front of my eyes. I would lose the conference if I smelled like skunk. I was very scared, I moved a little, and he got into defense mode. Tail shot right up. I did not move anymore. My heart stopped. He slowly backed up and ran away. I was safe!  My heart regressed back to normal  mode and I was finally calm. I was no longer going to risk smelling like skunk. Everything was normal . I arrived at the conference and enjoyed it. I learned a lot and am happy to say that I am a proud member.

Here is where I present to you my tech tip.  It was about 4pm when I was updating  at the hotel, Sunday afternoon. I was planning to leave towards the airport at 5pm. My plane  leaving at 7:20pm. It was a good amount of time to give myself to check in, pass through security, and all those normal steps. I was working hard and looking at the time on my laptop. At 5:00ish I put everything away and was ready to go. I then looked at  my cell phone and saw it was not 5:00ish it was 6:20pm!  I could not believe it. I had not changed the time zone on my laptop! I was late and was running the risk of missing my flight. I was so desperate. I rushed to the front desk and asked for a cab. I waited outside and the cab would not arrive.Finally it did. It was about 6:45 when it arrived. The drive  to the airport was normal if you can imagine me scared to death of me missing my flight. I arrived to check-in and gave my ticket to the Frontier flight personal. I thought I was safe when he said, "you are late and we can no longer take your baggage".  I had another skunk moment, my heart dropped. I argued so much with the guy to put my luggage on board. He said due to security reason he could no longer do that. I tried everything from shipping my luggage to asking for the supervisor. He gave me no chance. I called my friend who was all ready waiting for me inside, he had arrived early because he had visited his family. I talked to him and he told me to leave the big luggage and put everything I could into a plastic bag. I desperately did that. I asked the Frontier flight personal for a bag. It was awkward because I transferred everything from my big luggage to a plastic bag and my backpack. I finally did that. My bags were stuffed. I then rushed to security and guess what. They stopped me. I was already late because of what just happened. Security asked me to take my laptop out and put in another bin. I had to take out everything and do what they said. I finally got through security and rushed to get some souvenirs and on board I got. The flight home was suitable.  I arrived home with some turbulence, the flight was about to arrive late and I was going to run the risk of not connecting my flight in Denver. Oh, and on my flight from Denver to Santa Barbara I forgot the souvenirs.  I'll say it was an awesome experience with many lessons learned.

You may ask," ...and the tech tip?" Well, check your gadgets like Cell Phones, Laptops, GPS and other electronics and make sure they have the right time based on the time zone. Some should do that automatically. The second tip is taking your laptop out or having in another bag when passing through security. I believe these are simple tips but may one safe you life.