Money, the True Holiday Spirit

In my opinion, I think Black Friday is a scam. I walked into my Best Buy with no intention of purchasing anything, and I almost walked away with an overpriced netbook. I mean the netbook price was fine, except it was not a "low" price considering the given day of the year! I kept walking around and all the Macbooks were on sale, except the sale price was actually higher than what  I can pay for with a student Apple discount! The point is not that Best Buy offers terrible prices, but get this, for the holidays they have eliminated their 15% restocking fee. In other words, if you buy something and don't like it, they will not charge you an amount for returning it. Don't go and barge in to buy/rent something, but I think Best Buy has taken a step closer to compete with e-retailers such as and Just keep in mind everytime you want to buy something

  • put in a 30-day list so avoid impulse buying
  • go on USER-RUN deal sites if you remain in the market for a product
  • ALWAYS cross reference prices to get the best possible deal
  • ask for a price match if possible

We want to give out gifts right? Let's do it as cheaply as possible!