Let's Do Something, Let's MeetUp!

Have you ever found yourself bored and/or have friends whom are disinterested in doing something you would like to do for a change? Meetup enables users to interact with like minded individuals and groups in the same area. All one requires to do is create a group/event on Meetup and people will join or attend that are interested. For example, you could set up a hiking event and invite all those in area whom are interested to meet you there. Now, you do not need to know the people intially, therefore it is a great way to meet new people. Subsquently, if you are new to a community it is a great way to meet people whom live in your area with the same interest.

Some groups such as 'Masterminds of Los Angeles' meetup to push a specific cause for a month. Therefore whatever you interests maybe, you could meet up with individuals with Meetup.com.