Introduction to Quicksilver

Quicksilver bezelTo all the Mac users out there, if there was one tip that you had to follow, let it be this one. What makes this tip more important than the rest? That answer is Quicksilver from Blacktree. Quicksilver is a graphical interface that interacts with nearly every application, media, and file known to Mac OS X. It's most basic function is its launching capabilities. It catalogs your applications, files, documents, and folders for easy access at the press of a command. Today's post will be just an introduction, so every week I'll go in depth into one of Quicksilver's advanced features and to get the most of it.

Just so you're ready for tomorrow's post, head over to Blacktree's site and download Quicksilver for your Mac. There are two versions, one for 10.4 and 10.5 while the other is for 10.6 (latest).

Difficulty Level: Easy