Improve Your Browsing Experience

Sites are becoming more and more malicious as exploiters are able to add code to a site and run it without your notification. So instead of dealing with it when your system is already affected, you can prevent it at the source with NoScript. NoScript is a Firefox extension that prevents any un-authorized scripts to be run. Whether it be Javascript, Java, or even Flash, NoScript prevents any of them without being run. If you're at a site that you do trust, all you have to do is click on the icon that appears in the lower right of the window and whitelist the sites of your choice. You can also temporarily allow sites instead of adding them permanently to your trusted sites.

It's not just a great security tool but a general improvement to your browsing. It can stop YouTube videos that auto-play, block those pesky flash ads, and any other scripts that interfere with your browsing.

This script alone makes Firefox worth using if you're not already. But to those that don't like using Firefox, there is an alternative for Google Chrome. The word alternative is used very loosely for Chrome's FlashBlock extension. Just as the name suggests, it blocks Flash from running until you choose to allow it. Just click on the Flash object and it will run as if nothing happened. The downside is that it isn't as advanced as NoScript but it is a start. If you have any other alternatives or suggestions, leave a comment and I'll check it out.

NoScript and FlashBlock

Difficulty Level: Easy