How to buy at Costco without a Costco Card

Costco has large quantities, cheap prices, and an awesome return policy but what if you don't have a card?  How could you possibly take advantage of these great deals? Also, I bet people go to Costco once or twice a year so it is not worth investing into a membership.  Did you know that you can still shop at Costco without a membership!  Here it what you need to do.

  1. Go to in the Cash Cards section.
  2. Purchase as many cash cards as you need of $25.00.
  3. When you checkout, grab a friend with a Costco membership to help you enter their membership  number.
  4. After buying the cards, every time you walk in to Costco show one of your Costco cash cards
  5. At the cashier pay with your cash card.
  6. Done, you will be buying at Costco without a membership. :-)
Happy shopping!
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