Hackintosh Enabled

If you been following my posts on subjects  related to Apple, you would probably pick up the fact I like Mac OS X and its features but I loathe how expensive the hardware has been these last few years if not always! Well introduce Hackintosh! A Hackintosh computer is basically a "PC" running the Mac OS X operating system, that's it. The difficult part is getting the "PC" hardware to work with the Mac OS X software. Over the years, it has become easier to achieve such goal, as Apple has made decisions to use Intel processors, both NVIDIA and ATI graphics cards if not mistaken and is even rumored to soon switch to AMD processors.  Then again, building a Hakintosh is NOT completely legal, but there are plenty of guides out there to different ways to carry out the experiment. Because it is an experiment, there is no guarantee it will be  100% functional, but I think the benefits out-weight the negatives. Why would anyone build such a monstrosity?

Well, it is cheaper. A build costing about $800 will outperform the best iMac and it's the same for the Mac Pro. Also, the build will perhaps have better quality parts than what Apple uses as the user gets to choose all the hardware. Finally, it will teach a person about computers! Do at your own risk and happy building!