Google Chrome Cloud Print - Print from anywhere

Google recently released a sweet feature. This feature allows you to print to your home computer from anywhere.  Imagine being at school and sending documents to print on your home computer. Sweet!  In oder for this to work, you need a couple of things.

First, download the Chrome browser if you do not have it. You need the latest version.

Second, in your Chrome browser,  click the wrench icon, click options, click the tab "Under the hood" and click "Sign in to Google cloud print."

Once you do this, the Google service will try to establish the right settings with your printers. It might take a few minutes.  To print click the wrench icon and click "print." After everything has been set up,  you're ready to print. Right now Google supports Google Cloud Print through their own services only.  They claim to be working hard to spread the features around to make it easier to print.

Here is a link to frequently asked questions.