Give Me Cold, Hard Cash!!

As we leave the season of gift giving. Some of us may have received a few gifts in the form of cards, gift cards that is. The question is what do you do with the gift card? One thing you may do is go use it at the store it is for.Subsequently, what if your not a fan of the store or you rather have the gift card money to be use for something not available at the store. Plastic Jungle is a website that enables the users to:

  • Swap gift cards for CASH - via check or PayPal.
  • Turn gift cards into Gift Cards*.
  • Exchange gift cards for Facebook Credits.
  • Trade gift cards for Gamepoints - a virtual currency you can use on hundreds of social games.
  • Even donate gift cards to your favorite charity!

Consider checking it out especially if you have had that gift card burning a whole in your wallet.