Apply to be a Test Pilot!

Google is ending 2010 with a BANG!!! This past week Google made several announcements regarding their upcoming Chrome OS, Notebooks, and Android software. The most talked about of these announcements is perhaps the Chrome OS which is an OS that relies heavily on the "cloud" also know as the internet. Utilizing the cloud entails almost being connected all the time to the internet in some form and where information is automatically synced with an online storage space as well as saved locally on your computer. The Chrome OS is meant to be efficient and quick to boot up. In particular, the OS targets consumers who mainly spend the majority of their time online. All certified Chrome OS notebooks come with free 100mb of internet 3g via Verizon wireless each month for the first two years.

The Chrome OS is not necessarily meant to completely replace your current laptop, at the moment, due to it being in development.  Currently, they are still BETA testing the OS before a full retail launch in the Spring. Although, you could be part of this Beta testing by applying via Pilot Program in which you will get a FREE notebook with Chrome OS. Apply because you may never know if you wake up the next day with a new notebook.