An option on how to recover a lost XP password.

Have you ever tried to log in to an XP computer, but you have forgotten your password? Well I have, and there is a way you can reset your password. If you share an XP computer with someone, then its simple to recover your password. First log in too any account on that computer. (If you only have one account, then you will have to enter safe mode by pressing and holding F8 while the computer starts. Then log in to the administrator account.) Then you will have to click the start button, and click on "run." In the open field, type "control userpassword2". (Well obviously with out the quotes.) Next a window will pop up, it's the user accounts dialog box. Select the user with the lost password and click on "Reset Password", then type in the password in the two boxes. Finally click on "ok" and you are ready to log in to your account.

I have personally tried it on a Windows XP and a Windows 7 computer, so I know it works.

Results may very slightly depending on system configuration.

Difficulty level: Intermediate