An Easy Way to Download Files

DownThemAll screenshot I've been busy with midterms this past week so today's tip is going to be a quickie. If you've ever found yourself downloading a lot of files from a website, you know it can be a drag clicking, even right-clicking for a lot of cases, every link that has the file you want. To help you prevent a case of carpal tunnel syndrome, I present you DownThemAll. DownThemAll is a download manager add-on for Mozilla's web browser, Firefox. It not only manages your downloads but it also does behind the scene actions like download accelerating. The main reason why I use it so much is the ability to scan sites for all sorts of media. Whether the files are pictures, movies, audio, or even archived files like .zip and .rar, it generates a list of all the links on the page and you just choose the files that you want.

It's as simple as that. DownThemAll works on Firefox for both Windows and Mac. You can download and find out more about DownThemAll here. And to use DownThemAll, you need Firefox but you already have that. Right? RIGHT? If not, shame on you and download it here.