Use Audacity to Create Ring Tones

Want to stop paying for ring tones for your phone? Why not make your own with Audacity. Audacity is free and lets you edit mp3 files easily.

  • Open up Audacity and import the file
  • Edit the file to keep it under 30 seconds ( some phones will not let you set the file as a ring tone if  it exceeds 30 secs or if the file is too big)
  • go to File->export as mp3
  • if it cannot find the Lame encoder, you can find it here
  • Save it.

The final step involves transferring the file to your phone and it varies from phone to phone. Most commonly, USB or blue-tooth can be used but again, it depends on the phone!

Where's My Cell Phone?

Ever lost your phone and spent hours looking for it, well here's a solution to it. This website  called fonefindr calls your cell phone and helps make your life easier in searching it. Don't wait for someone to call your phone, just go online and go to the website and enter your cell phone number and they will call you. You can either choose the option of them calling you in 30 seconds, a minute, or right now. So give it a try when you ever need help finding your lost cell phone.

Net Neutrality Plan

These two companies Verizon and Google have been competing for a long time and they have been thinking that no one will ever win, so they have decided to do something together. This plan that was brought up by two of the biggest companies in the world is called Net Neutrality Plan. I believe you should be aware of what exactly is Net Neutrality. Here is a video where it shows you what kind of situation we are dealing with What Is Net Neutrality?

This is crucial for our growth in the technology sector and innovation. It also could mean restricted communication. The internet needs to be open free like it has always been. Get behind this issue.

Save the internet

Tether your cell to your computer

For a while now I have been tethering my Android phone to my computer using PDANet. I have heard other people talk about tethering using PDANet too. PDANet is software that lets you use your cell phone's  internet and use it on your computer. It works on many platforms. Some are Android, iphone, BlackBerry, Windows mobile, and many more. This usually works most of the time. It really depends on your carrier and phone. If you need help connecting your Android phone let me know. Good Luck!

Disturb a meeting with a cough, a ringtone cough

Have you ever been in a meeting and wanted to hear your cell ring but you did not want to disturb the meeting with cool song from Shakira? Why not trying to disguise your ring tone with a  coughing sound. People will look around but it will not be rude. Of coarse, you can always put in on silent. Here you can download it as a .mp3. Thanks to Zedge.

Get a Free iPhone 4 Bumper!!!

Have you heard that Apple is offering free bumpers for the iPhone 4? If you haven't, well you have now.  The steps you need to do in order to apply to receive a free bumper or case are as follows. First,  is to download the app, then run it, and sign in to your itunes account. Then just choose your case color and you are done . That's how easy it is, keep in mind that this is a $29.99 product that will not last long. This might be your only chance to receive a free iPhone 4 case or bumper, so come and check this out.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Free apple bumpers for any iphone 4 users

Many critics may say" Apples action to give away free iphone case shows guilt and acknowledgment  that the iphone does have antenna issues! Therefore, Apple will give away to any owner of a iphone 4 a free "bumper" case. You may order it online here or walk into a store and get it free.  I have trouble understanding why a recall is not in place but if your on Apples side, you may think this is a good move to give free cases. Well, might as well get your free case and not blame hold Apple responsible.


Cell Phone bars don't mean anything?

Who wants the new iphone? I don't, not with the iphone dropping calls like crazy.  There has been many complaints on how it is built. It looks like Mr. Jobs, Apple's CEO,  decided to put the antenna on the outside where OUR hands go. It covers the antenna. Today's tech tip is not to put a plastic band around your iphone but just to clear up that the bars on your cell phone do not matter! Many people have a  notion that more bars the stronger the signal. That is false! You either have a signal or you don't. Why do we have bars?  The companies have used that  as advertising like the picture above. Our phones receive digital signals not analog like in the old days.  So next time, it doesn't matter if you have bars. It matters that you get a signal. Can you hear me know?

Photoby[Elliott P.]

Which cell phone should i get?

I was browsing the internet and bumped into this amazing chart of smart phones. Thanks to Apollo Clark. Many people always ask "which phone should i get?" I believe this breaks it down detail by detail.  I personally own the HTC Incredible. I must say it is incredible.  If you can not decide which phone to get leave a comment. Here at OneTechTip we are here to help.

(Click on the pic below to make bigger)

Hold Your iPhone the Right Way

If you were one of the many who bought a brand new iPhone, you might want to pay attention as you might save yourself from a lot of frustration and missed calls. Just this past week Apple started selling their latest version of the iPhone, iPhone 4, to the public. As soon as people walked out the doors to the Apple Store, un-boxing videos started showing up on YouTube. Unlike any other gadget, follow videos were being uploaded. These videos showed how placing your hand on the wrong corner can make you lose all service. Just like that. No questions asked. It even happened to Steve Jobs when he first announced it at WWDC. He blamed it on the quantity of Wi-Fi signals but it was most likely the way he was holding it. What was Apple's response to this? Just hold it a different way or buy their bumper case. For some reason if your hand/palm touches the corner that has the antenna, it somehow shorts it and loses all signal in the phone. The reason why the case method works is your hand doesn't touch the antenna therefore no signal lost.

Apparently, it doesn't happen to all iPhones so if you're one of the lucky, then high-five to you. But if not, then make sure you pay attention to the way you hold your iPhone.

You can read more about it over at Engadget.

Charge your device connected to your TV or game Console

Have you been lazy and did not want to turn on your computer to charge an ipod, cell phone, Gps, camera, controllers, etc.? Did you know you can charge your gadgets right in your living room? Yes, many people have big screens and game consoles with USB ports. Plug in those devices and keep them charged while you watch TV. Many USB ports should have power running to them. If not,m try another or maybe it is not supported. Take advantage. Happy charging.

Picture by [rockinfree]

How is your battery life?

I recently discovered on a forum a new trick to make my battery last longer. I do know if it will work on all devices but it is well worth the try.  Every morning I unplug my 100% charged cell phone and restart it. I plug it back in and see that it is not 100% charged anymore. It is more like 95%. So I charged back up to 100% and  restart it. I do this again and again. This helps my battery last longer during the day. I do know why this is helping but my guess that there is a memory cell on the battery the remembers the maximum charging level and restarting resets it. Give it a try and let me know if you have the same problem.

Photo by [scalespeeder]

Sync your Blackberry to your Mac. Finally!

[caption id="attachment_892" align="alignnone" width="459" caption="RIM's Desktop Manager"][/caption] This tip is for those Blackberry owners with their only computer being a Mac. This past October ('09), RIM finally released their desktop manager for Macs. Before, the way to upgrade your phone's firmware was to use the PC's client. It was very difficult for users to upgrade their phone's software that didn't a PC so they were stuck using the old firmware. And believe me, the upgrades are a giant leap in usability. The latest updates improved the internet browser, media player, and overall stability.

The desktop manager not only upgrades the phone's firmware but you can also sync your contacts, calendar schedule, tasks, media, and most importantly backup your phone. No more asking people for their phone numbers. Instead when you get a new phone you can just connect it to your mac and choose to sync the contacts from your Mac to your phone.

The iTunes integration is solid with options to sync specific Playlists or just add random music to the remaining space on your media card.

You can get the desktop manager here from RIM's site.

System Requirements:
At least Mac OS X 10.5.5
Your Blackberry's firmware needs to be at least 4.2
(You can check your version by pressing Alt+ Left Shift + H on your phone and look up the App Version. For example mine says App Version: (508))
Difficulty Level: Easy

Have Someone wait on Hold for you for Customer Service

[vimeo 7401011]The answer is LucyPhone!!!! LucyPhone is a service where it holds on the line for you when your on hold with a company.  Instead of waiting for hours. Here is how it works. First, go there website and dial the company you want to dial and enter your number. Your phone will ring and you will be connected to the company you dialed. Fallow through the call tree and when your put on hold press "*" two times. LucyPhone will wait for you and call you back when a company Representative picks up and your done!

I need directions where am i going!!!

Hey Everyone! Today's post I thought I might bring up a post that I have brought up in the past but maybe was not highlighted. Many of us for sure have cell phones and SMS but many of us do not have maps or a GPS unit to guide us when we need directions to get somewhere. Well, with Google's FREE maps Google will send you directions to your phone without a computer.  Yes just using SMS. Here is the number 466453 (GOOGLE).

First, send it  in this format:

Start Zip Code "to" Destination Zip Code

EX:   93460 to 93117

Google will send you a message with directions.

I got the the HTC Incredible… but optimizing battery?

Photo by[ aforonda]

YES! I did get the HTC Droid Incredible. It is INCREDIBLE!  I received my phone, yesterday, May 06, 2010 via FedEx because they were out of stock. I was not home when it arrived but i did call to see who was home... so when they got the phone they could put it to charge right away. Many of us cant resist to play with a brand new device right away BUT it is very important to charge the battery to 100% before using it. It will harm you battery if you don't charge and use it right away. In basic terms the battery has memory that says what its max's charging capacity is. Also, if you buy a cell phone and a car charger do not charge it in the car charger right away. The car charger will only do a quick charge which will not help. You must charger it  to a wall outlet to max capacity.

Difficulty level: Easy

Find alternative software with

" I don't want to buy Photoshop", many have said. "It is too expensive and I only need it for simple things." Yes there are  alternatives to Photoshop  like GIMP and Paint.NET. They are good alternatives and will do the job but what if you need an alternative to Windows Media Player or just other software and maybe even find something for free. Well, a site called Alternativeto helps you find exactly what you need. It can help you find software for mobile phones and all major platforms. Just put and search the software and you will have the answer at your finger tips.

Difficulty level: Easy

Bluetooth and Security

Blue tooth has become standard on many devices, ranging from cell phones to laptops and when we receive a device Blue tooth is usually on. Did you know that if you have Blue tooth on "discovery mode" and have it always on, there is a security risk that somebody can pair up with your device and view all you information? So check you device and if you have it in "discovery mode" turn that off and just have it pair with the device you want. In general if you do not use it, just simply turn of Blue tooth. It can save you battery. :-)

Difficult Level: Beginner

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How to clean cell phones, cameras, etc.. in those tight delicate spots

Don't you hate it when you get goowy stuff in between cracks and little wedges in electronics? For example cell phones, cameras,  and many more things.  There is a good way to try to clean these gadgets. You must get some rubbing alcohol, the higher the percentage the better.  Second get some Q tips and start by dipping the Q tip in the alcohol and cleaning out the Goowy stuff in between the crevices.  Alcohol evaporates fast but you also don't want to drench your electronic. This is a simple and fast way to clean your gadget.  If your electronic manual  says to clean it another way follow that advice before proceeding with this tip.

Difficulty level: beginner

Photo by [L. Marie]