What do you really know about yourself

We all are aware that our technology is always advancing faster than we can grasp. It's a scary thought. Here is the deal though. Lets think on the bright side. Why not use it to our advantage? I recently, paid to get my DNA tested. Why tested? Here is why. There is a company called 23and Me, based in New York, that does genetic testing.  I want to see what things I am at risk for early on so I can prevent them.  How does it work? I will soon receive a kit that I can put my saliva in and then ship it to their lab. Within 6-8 weeks I will get results on their website. I will be able to see if I have a high risk in cholesterol or other diseases so I can prevent them  and live a happier life. Also in the future if I have an awkward feeling I can see my medical history.  Today, they started an awesome deal. For only $99.00 you can get this test. Original price $400! This deal is available only through 11/29.  Below is an example of some results.